Simplify Analytics Delivery with our AaaS Platform.

Fast-track Power BI Embedded and deliver Analytics-as-a-Service to your Customers

Instant AaaS Platform for your Clients

The Reporting Hub instantly provides you with a full service Analytics-as-a-Service platform to deliver your Power BI content, manage your customers, create subscriptions, and collect payment.
White label multi-tenant application deployed to your URL
Deploy your B.I. & Analytics service using Power BI
Manage your customers & capacity per tenant
Manage your licenses & subscriptions
Collect credit card payments in app via Stripe Integration
Track customer activity using built-in Google Analytics Integration

Embed within your Existing Application

Already have an app? Take advantage of our No-Code Power BI Embedded solution and embed your Power BI content within your existing application.

Fast-track Power BI Embedded

Use the Reporting Hub to embed your Power BI content within your existing application. Allows your users to:
View & interact with Power BI content without a license
Create shareable links to reports
Export report content
Edit report content