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What is the Reporting Hub?

The Reporting Hub is a web-based Business Intelligence Portal that seamlessly integrates with Power BI using Embedded technology. It is a pre-built white label application that deploys to your Azure environment and allows you to instantly deliver Power BI in a more efficient and cost effective manor.

How does the Reporting Hub work?

The Reporting Hub integrates with your Power BI Tenant and Azure Active Directory within YOUR Azure environment.

Who should use the Reporting Hub?

Are you looking to do the following?
Reduce Licensing Costs
Increase users accessing Power BI content, while reducing all-in licensing costs.
Deploy to Unlimited Users
Share Power BI Report content to unlimited users both inside and outside your organization at no additional incremental cost.
Secure Customer Portal
Create a secure customer portal to share Power BI Report content within a custom branded experience.
Deliver Analytics-as-a-Service to your customers without the need for developers.

Do my Report End-Users need a Power BI License?

Report End-Users do not require a Power BI or any Microsoft License to view, access, or interact with Reports. Only Power BI content creators require a Power BI Pro license to build and publish reports.

How does it reduce my Power BI Licensing Costs?

The Reporting Hub reduces Power BI licensing costs in two ways:
1) Power BI Embedded is a usage/capacity based license. Meaning individual users do not require a license to access or interact with Reports. Therefore you can share report content to anyone at no additional incremental cost.

2) The Reporting Hub has a built-in usage optimizer that dynamically turns on your Power BI Embedded license when in use, and turns it off when it detects inactivity.
What are the minimum requirements for Power BI Licenses?
Minimum prerequisite Microsoft licenses include: One Power BI Pro license & One Power BI Embedded A1 license.